Sunday, October 4, 2020

Wonder Woman Weekend

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I have focused primarily on cards that only feature Andrew McCutchen on the card, but in recent years have also featured cards with a cameo appearance (either being seen on the card or as a name cameo on the back of the card).  Last year I created Falco Files which discussed players that replaced (Shane Falco Replacements movie reference) on an active roster, number worn, or trade.  I will continue to utilize these styles of posts as we celebrate the 4th Collecting Cutch Save Second Base event (I am no longer counting my first run on the Pirates Treasure Room I did back in 2014.)

Please be sure to click here for a Babe Ruth relic card I am offering as a contest prize to one lucky person who posts their own pink cards for the month.  I am matching the $1 per comment on YOUR BLOGS too if you show off pink cards. 

You ready to get started?

Well, let's talk about...
The most famous fictional female of all
Wonder Woman!!!

Gal Gadot is the current face of Wonder Woman

The Israel born actress is now one of the most popular actresses in the world.
She began as a  model and was Miss Israel 2004.
At age 18 she began to train the Israel Defense Forces as a fitness instructor.
She began gaining fame in the United States when she appeared in the Fast and Furious movie franchise as Gisele.

Wonder Woman: 1984 has been delayed twice due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  It's most recent delay had the movie pushed back from this past weekend to Christmas 2020.  
1984 and Christmas, yup I got a card that covers both
This 2018 Donruss retro card looks like the 1984 design, the same design made famous by the Don Mattingly rookie card.
It is also serially numbered 12/25.
(Gavin would be so proud)

For some comment chatter below please discuss any of the following subjects: Gal Gadot, 1984 Donruss, or any female fictional heroes you or your children like.


  1. I watched the original Wonder Woman TV show on the 1970s, and really liked the movie w/ Gadot.

    Hopefully, we'll all be able to go to the movies safely to see new WW movie.

    As for 1984, well, as a Tigers fan, it was the best thing about the year... 35-5 to start the season, sweep of KC in the ALCS, and beating the Padres in 5 games.

    It's now been 36 years, and, well, I'm not getting any younger.

    Have a awesome Sunday!

  2. I haven't seen the new Wonder Woman movie, but I'm a fan of hers and she comes across well in interviews in the few that I've seen. Waiting for my daughter to get a little older so she can watch a strong female character in these super hero movies.

  3. Always liked the design of 1984 donruss. Sharp looking cards. I really like the kings guard in Black Panther as far as female heroines go. They are bad-ass.

  4. A. Gadot is gorgeous.
    B. 1984 Donruss is a classic.
    C. There are a lot of female heroes I enjoy watching. Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) is up there with Gadot. If we're going back to my childhood, then Lynda Carter has my vote.

  5. Yeah, Gadot was probably the best part of the first movie.

    '84 Donruss is one of my top 20 baseball sets of the decade, but not top 10. Putting the team name inside those yellow things hurt its rating with me.

    I liked Princess Leia back in the day. More recently, Bo from Lost Girl and Fiona from Burn Notice.

  6. The last movie I saw in a movie theater was the last Wonder Woman movie. Watched it with my daughter.

    1984 was a great year. It's strange how it was considered such a futuristic year for a long time, thanks to Orwell's book, and now it's looked at as some ancient year in the past. I loved 1984, a great year. And '84 Donruss is the best Donruss has ever been.

  7. Ms. Gadot is and was an excellent choice for the modern day Wonder Woman. Very beautiful. 1984 also excellent for a year. I love Donruss (for the most part).

  8. I was only one in 1984 so don't remember much haha. I always hear her name, nice to finally see a face

  9. When my kids were growing up the Power Rangers were all the rage. I'd watch the show with them. Not that the show was worth watching but the Pink Power Ranger (Amy Jo Johnson) certainly was.

    It just so happens that I posted my Bob Gibson rookie yesterday. As a lover of pink cards, it's my favorite. I've done some pink card posts in the past. I may have to reprise those cards.

  10. She is gorgeous. Great choice for today. And really she fits Wonder Woman really well. Her look really fits what I think of when I think about Wonder Woman.

  11. Gal is devastatingly beautiful and a great successor to Lynda Carter. She seems very approachable though. I thought the one WW movie was well done, but a sad story.

  12. I'm looking forward to Wonder Woman 1984. 1984 Donruss is my favorite of the big three from that year and the Don Mattingly rookie card is my favorite.